Santa Barbara Acoustic Design was founded by audio engineer and musician Will Loomis and home theatre installation specialist Charlie Walker in 2019. 


Will Loomis began his career recording and touring with his band, before attending Musician’s Institute in Hollywood in 2011 to study audio engineering and music production.  Since then he’s worked at legendary music studios in LA, New York and Santa Barbara such as the Magic Shop, Electric Lady Studios, The Sound Factory and Santa Barbara Sound Design.  He’s engineered albums for bands like Depeche Mode and recorded and mixed voiceovers and music for TV and film.  He built several professional home studios but became interested in the finer points of acoustic design while working with acclaimed acoustic designer Francis Manzella in 2015.  In 2019 Loomis founded Santa Barbara Acoustic Design with home theater expert Charlie Walker. 


Charlie Walker began his career installing high end home theatre in 2008. After working with Mission Audio Video for 6 years, and gaining knowledge in the industry, Charlie decided to branch out and begin his own company, Translating Technologies. Walker has installed home electronics in some of Santa Barbara's finest homes for over a decade. Combining that with Loomis' engineering experience, brings Santa Barbara Acoustic Design to a forefront in studio and theatre design.