The Space You Have, The Room You Need

Restaurants: Can your diners hear themselves?


Live Venues: Are your ticket holders getting the best experience possible?

Workspaces: Is the noise in your office distracting your employees?


Home Studios: Do you have the ability to record drums in the morning and vocals in the afternoon?


Acoustic design is about controlling sound. Whether you need to record, listen, suppress or enhance, let us help design the space you have to be the room you need. 

Who We Are?

Santa Barbara Acoustic Design offers consulting, custom interior design, and installation for music studios, home theaters, live venues, restaurants, offices and more. We have established partnerships with local businesses and exclusive wholesalers in order to offer a wide array of solutions for every project and at every price point. 

Why Us?

Great sound lies in balancing form and function. We pride ourselves on striking that balance and those between our client’s needs, architectural considerations, aesthetics, and the laws of acoustics. Because of this, we never offer boilerplate designs. Our full-service solutions include working closely with our clients through every aspect of design, drafting and installation.